Every company thinks they’re unique in some way. Here at Hobson Leavy we have 6 key attributes that we think are unique to us which are key to delivering you with the best quality executive search possible.

Over the last 17 years our reputation for sourcing the best talent around the world for our clients is second to none but we know it’s not about us – it’s about you. We know you want some key qualities in your executive search provider, so that’s what we give you.


We know that to get the best possible results for your search the researcher for the search needs to be 100% dedicated to your assignment. And at Hobson Leavy, they are. Unlike other search firms, we dedicate one person to your search and your search only. This means they develop a deep understanding of your business — its strategic goals, specific needs and desired outcomes.

Because your business is our researcher’s sole business. There are no distractions from other clients, just one clear, single-minded purpose – searching the world for the very best candidates for your business and your business alone. This, we know, produces the best results possible.

Dedication means focus. Focus delivers better candidates. Better candidates provide the best outcomes.


We do have a trusted black book – well actually an extensive database – but we don’t simply pull out and match a name to your business. You could say we start each search with seven billion candidates — a clean sheet of paper, if you will.

It is an intricate and involved process that must be done with wisdom and intelligence. We value process because we know we’re different from the others. We’re not just another run-of-the-mill search firm. Our 27-step process is unique and we’ve honed it over the years.

We know it works. It builds in value. It’s how we search the world over to locate the very best talent for your business.

Each search is tailored to your needs, your company, your strategy, your brief. It’s all about you after all.


Recognising that clients will sometimes have a need for executive talent on a short term basis to fill a gap or drive a particular project, Hobson Leavy also provide executives on an interim basis.

We have an extensive database of senior executives in every function who are available for interim assignments on a weekly, monthly or longer basis. These executives have been interviewed and screened by us on the same basis as a permanent executive search candidate.


Hobson Leavy doesn’t desire to be a one-stop shop for all things related to executives. It clouds the relationship. By being completely independent we always deliver the best possible advice and information for you. We’re driven by your outcomes, not by the size of our business.


Your perfect candidate could be anywhere so we Search the World™ to ensure they can be found. We are a Kiwi team with true global reach.

Today’s market is a global stage. Many of our clients are international and increasingly our searches are borderless: the best candidates may be anywhere in the world.

We are founding members of Panorama, a global network of partners that together form an exclusive alliance of leading independent executive search firms, active over the world’s major time zones. Together, Panorama has over 30 offices and over 70 partners across Europe, Australasia, The Americas, Africa and Asia. Panorama was founded with a like-minded approach to quality work and shared values and ethics.

We operate beyond geographical constraints which means each of our partners offer clients both global capability and local sensitivity. We have a long track record of advising clients at the most senior level in our own markets and through Panorama share a strategic commitment to excellence.

Our practice areas include:

  • Hobson Leavy _ Parnters MapArts & Culture
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Board
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Education
  • Public Sector Healthcare
  • Professional & Business Social Impact/Non-Government Organisations Services


Trust is paramount in this industry and we’ve built our reputation on it. We respect the trust that you put in us to deliver the best candidates in the world for search. We have been successfully appointing senior executives in New Zealand for over 17 years; and we will be for the next 17.

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