We strive to be the best rather than the biggest.

We focus on CEO, Non Executive Director and executive level appointments (both permanent and interim), Board Evaluation and Leadership assessment.

Finding the very best people for your business is a difficult task. They need to fit with your business culture and ethos. They need the right skills to deliver on your business strategy and the vision to identify your future goals. To ensure we provide you with the very best talent available, we retain a single-minded focus on executive search rather than trying to sell you additional services.


Executive Search aims to identify the best possible candidate for a role, not simply the best candidate currently on the market. As such it is a process normally applied to executive positions. Each search strategy is tailored to you, addressing the specific needs of the assignment and researching and assessing the entire market of potential candidates for the role. Our unique process is exhaustive and complete.

We combine this exacting approach with speed and the need to maintain momentum. As the process reaches conclusion, we remain closely involved to ensure the successful conclusion of the assignment.

Our emphasis is always on outcome: have we added value and delivered a solution? We provide unmatched client service and retain our clients as long-term business partners because we deliver a quality experience.


The future success of this country depends in large measure on the performance of the corporate sector, which in turn is dependant on the quality of corporate boards. Typically these roles are recycled amongst the same Directors with the apology offered that there are no other suitable candidates.

At Hobson Leavy we beg to differ. We believe there resides a considerable talent pool at a senior level in New Zealand that goes un-tapped, perhaps because it is a little harder to find.

We work with Chairpersons or Board Committees to find either single or multiple non-executive directors.


Here at Hobson Leavy we can assist businesses to help those senior executives who are impacted by this new reality as they transition out of your business and prepare themselves to transition to the next. Not only are we able to provide tailored one-on-one sessions to prepare executives for their transition back into the workforce, most importantly we can also provide a very practical pathway to actually securing that next role.

Our service is not simply based on the basics of preparation, it’s focused on practical advice and guidance to help people get to that next stage of actually securing a position.


Recognising that clients will sometimes have a need for executive talent on a short term basis to fill a gap or drive a particular project, Hobson Leavy also provide executives on an interim basis.

We have an extensive database of senior executives in every function who are available for interim assignments on a weekly, monthly or longer basis.

These executives have been interviewed and screened by us on the same basis as a permanent executive search candidate.



Successful leaders know that having the highest quality team is essential, yet how do you know if you have the best possible team? You may have inherited some team members, or worked with others so long you have lost your objectivity as to their relative strengths and weaknesses compared to others in the market.

This is where Hobson Leavy can help. Our talent benchmarking service draws on our core competencies of interviewing and assessment, coupled with our up-to-the-minute market knowledge to assess and report on executives, either individually or as a team.

At the conclusion of the process you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your team, relative to the market. This information can then be used to make decisions around executive development, succession planning, performance management and future recruitment.


Based on over seventeen years of experience working with Boards and assessing senior leaders, we have developed a Board Evaluation process which gives your Board the objective information they need to optimise their performance.

Board performance is under the microscope more than ever before with new challenges and opportunities arising, whether that is through the adoption of technology, climate preparedness or a focus on diversity. An external review can serve as a helpful reflection point to ensure your organisation is prepared and fit for the future.

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